“Habitat 67’s architect wanted to offer a fragment of paradise to everyone.’’


Located on Cité du Havre, a man-made peninsula created from the Montreal metro excavation, Habitat 67 enjoys incredible views of the river, Downtown Montreal and the Old Port. Its terraces offer an unparalleled panorama of sights, sounds and smells: city lights, bridge silhouettes, river rapids, maple, oak and poplar trees, fresh river air and never-ending sky.

Located near Île Sainte-Hélène, Old Montreal and the Montreal Casino, Habitat 67 provides peace and quiet, just minutes from the bustling life of Downtown Montreal, and successfully redefines the urban living experience. At Habitat 67, you can live to the rhythm of the city with evening events and seasonal fireworks, or to the rhythm of the country on an island in the middle of a magnificent river.

Habitat 67 is a 12-storey complex with
the following characteristics:

  • 15 models varying between 1 and 5 modules
  • Views on 3 sides and landscaped terraces
  • Surface areas vary from 624 to 3,000 square feet,
    spread out over 1, 2, 3 floors
  • Private terraces from 225 to 1,000 square feet
  • Possibility to add a solarium
  • 6 elevators
  • Walkways at various levels giving access to residences
  • Central heating and air conditioning
  • Excellent soundproofing



  • Tennis Club
  • Play area
  • Walking paths
  • Bicycle path (part of the regional bike path network that
    extends to the Lachine Canal and the South Shore)
  • Cité-du-Havre Park


  • Private shuttle bus between the complex and Downtown Montreal: 7 days a week, excellent frequency,
    always on schedule
  • Security service including an entrance gate, security camera, and 24-hour doorman service
  • Maintenance of the common areas
  • Postal and newspapers delivery to your door
  • Reception of parcels and other deliveries in your absence
  • Free washer and dryer service
  • Dry cleaner reception service
  • Storage space
  • Cable infrastructure
  • Convenience store
  • Tennis courts
  • Gardens maintained by horticulturists
  • Indoor and outdoor parking

A monument to modern architecture, Habitat 67’s originality makes it a one-of-a-kind complex. Prices of residences at Habitat 67 are more reasonable than most people would expect. In fact, the housing market in Montreal is less expensive than in most large North American cities.



In purchasing at Habitat 67, you become a Special Partner of a Limited Partnership. The number of modules purchased represents as many shares of the Limited Partnership and the number of votes at the Annual General Meeting.

The Special Partners Committee is composed of eight members, elected at the Annual General Meeting. Their mandate is to review the state and progress of the affairs of the Partnership.

The role of the General Partner is namely:

  • Building management
  • Transfer of shares agent and registrar
  • Share selling and residence renting according
    to mandates received from the Special Partners
  • Responsible for security, maintenance of
    the overall complex to keep the common
    areas in good condition
  • Responsible for the communications with the Special Partners


Some Special Partners lease their residences for different periods of time. They ask the General Partner to recruit the lessees and to manage their leases. Any request to become a lessee should also be addressed to the General Partner.



If you are interested in buying or renting, please send an email to make an appointment. info@habitat67.com

For all media requests regarding Habitat 67 tours, please get in touch with Pierre B. Gourde – PBG Conseil.

For any inquiries regarding ticketing, booking or scheduling of the guided tours, please contact Julie Bélanger and her team.


Att. Jean-Philippe Hébert
2600, Pierre-Dupuy Ave,
Lobby 3
Montreal, Quebec
H3C 3R6

Phone: 514.866.5971
Fax: 514.866.4207
email : jean.philippe.hebert@habitat67.com