Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and per the directives of the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec, we must suspend all visits to Habitat 67 until further notice.

Discover Habitat 67, Moshe Safdie’s Masterpiece!

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The 90-minute visit will let you discover this unique architectural gem and learn more about its origins and its evolution throughout the last 50 years. Your guide will lead you through the various areas of the complex, such as the walkways, the pedestrian streets, one of the residential units as well as the suspended terraces of this international historical landmark. 

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Habitat 67 and Tropiques Nord unite at OCPM with a brief to preserve Cité-du Havre!

A committee of residents has presented, on behalf of the Habitat 67 and Tropiques Nord, the brief entitled La Cité du Havre, a neglected treasure, at the OCPM, as part of the consultation on the Bridge-Bonaventure sector, of which the Cité-du-Havre Havre is a part. It was presented in public on October 7, 2019.

Habitat 67 on CBC Montréal

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