» An investment
» Purchase or rental
» Privileges



— A purchase

In purchasing at Habitat 67, you are becoming a Special Partner of a Limited Partnership. The number of modules purchased represents as many shares of the Limited Partnership and as many votes at the Annual General Meeting.

The Special Partners Committee is composed of eight members, elected at the Annual General Meeting. Their mandate is to review the state and progress of the affairs of the Partnership.

The role of the General Partner is namely:

- Building and regulations management
- Transfer of shares agent and registrar
- Vender of shares and renter of residences according to mandates received
- from the Special Parterns
- Responsible for security, maintenance of the overall complex to keep the common
  areas in good condition
- Responsible of the communications with the Special Partners. It is therefore to the General
  Partner that any request should be addressed to become owner.

— A rental

Some Special Partners lease their residences for different periods of time. They ask the General Partner to recruit the lessees and to manage their leases.

Any request to become lessee should also be addressed to the General Partner.

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