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— An icon of permanent modernity

The cube is the base, the mean and the finality of Habitat 67. In its material  sense, the cube is a symbol of stability. As for its mystic meaning, the cube is symbol of wisdom, truth, moral perfection, at the origin itself of our civilization.  

354 cubes of a magnificent grey-beige build up one on the other to form 146 residences nestled between sky and earth, between city and river, between greenery and light.

The whole unites in a gigantic sculpture futuristic interiors, links, pedestrian streets and suspended terraces, aerial spaces, skylights of different angles, large plazas and monumental elevator pillars, without forgetting the openings, here and there, that are as many winks and calls to meditation from the environment as well as from the living experience.   

— A world wide scale signature

“Habitat 67 is the amazing accomplishment of Moshe Sadie’s youth. The principal quality of Moshe Safdie’s entire work is to confer to things a character of eternity. He puts emphasis on architecture’s daily life: the way spaces are used, the performance of the building in its climate, the real desires of future residents. In many ways, the essence of his work is a dichotomy: at the same time tearing and meditation between the universal and the specific, between the ideal and the real. – Wendy Kohn. “Moshe Safdie”, Acadamy Editions, 1996.  

— Moshe Safdie accomplishments: 

Museum of fine arts, Montreal
Civilisation Museum, Gatineau
National Art Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Ballet Opera House, Toronto
City Hall, Ottawa
Ford Centre for the Performing Arts, Vancouver
Museum of Contemporary Art, Stuttgart
Boca Raton Museum Centre, Boca Raton
Museum of Industrial Design, Architecture and Contemporary Art, Munich
Sinaï Temple, Chicago

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